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You just have to be on-line. With a cable or an ADSL connection, over Wi-Fi or 3G or LTE, on premises or mobile, using a TV, a PC or just your smartphone or tablet, you are ready to watch your favorite channel.

ATN Easy Setup Arabic IPTV

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Ready in 4 simple steps!

It’s super easy.

You will need only a minute to unbox your Arabic IPTV Box, plugin power and network, connect it in your TV and watch your first program.

And if you find any difficulty you can always call us for help!

Watch TV with your smartphone

Download our free iOS and Android apps, fill in your authorisation details and you are ready to watch your favorite program anywhere through your 3G, LTE or WiFi connection.

In a car, in a bus, in a plane or even at the beatch relaxing!

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